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White Boxer Coffee Company

Hot Laps Espresso 5 lb

Hot Laps Espresso 5 lb

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5 lbs, whole beans espresso blend. For that little extra kick of energy that we all need!

Enjoys from the moment you open the bag until the last sip.  You will note the crisp feeling that fills your mouth, citrus notes with light acidity. 

Ps. We get asked about the name. If you own a boxer the wild sprints, normally in circles are sometimes called zoomies for us boxer lovers. Many people would not understand that and our children have called them hot laps. Typically followed by a scream saying, “Look out, Ares/Athena are doing hot laps!”


We can grind the coffee for you, we recommend full beans as grinding within 30 minutes of brewing provides the best flavor. 

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    Shipping will depend on the state our delicious beans will be delivered to. The cost will be calcuated at check out. Being a small roastery we appreciate all the support and hope you enjoy your White Boxer Coffee Company to the very last bean.