White Boxer Coffee Company History

White Boxer Coffee Company History


Welcome to White Boxer Coffee Company! At this point we are starting to get many questions about why the name and so let me explain. 

See that white dog and the two young college students in the photo? That is our beloved Ares and us. Ares did everything, I mean everything with us for 12 years. She was a purchase after only dating a few months and lived with us through college graduations, three kids, multiple moves, multiple homes and more sibling dogs. During all of this she had a lot of time sitting with us studying while we drank coffee. 

When she passed we decided this was the time to do something K. wanted to do since college. So we started researching, learning and trialing roasting coffee beans. We fell in love with it and it turned into a family business with all hands on deck very quickly. 


More to come and welcome to our business!



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